Saperlipopette 6+

Or how imaginations makes loss lighter.

Foto 6 slotscene
  • Concept and director
    Sven Ronsijn
  • Assistant to the director and dramaturge
    Laura Deriemaeker (stage)
  • Actors
    Noémie Vincart, Thaïs Scholiers, Anke Somers
  • Composer
    Pablo Casella Dos Santos
  • Puppets
    Filip Peeters
  • Costumes
    Chris Snik
  • Costume-assistent
    Jessica Krepinsky
  • Scenographer and light designer
    Rupert Defossez

Through a wonderful meeting with a young girl, the all too grey world of an old man with a great grief is bit by bit filled with color again.

"Saperlipopette is a heart-warming, wordless show in which young and old influence each other in a sparkling way."

An old man remains quiet.
In his room.
In his mind.
He lives out his days in black and white and grey.
He breathes softly.
He doesn’t say a word.
The doors locked.
The shutters down.
His heart bolted.
And no plans, no dreams!
Because one never knows what’s coming tomorrow.

A girl is at his front door.
Just like that, all of a sudden.
She’s almost exploding.
Playful and crazy and carefree.
Wild too!
Full of color and sparkles of stardust.

A barrel full of dreams, ready to burst.
There is only tomorrow.

She takes him by the hand.
To where imagination
makes the loss lighter.


  • Review Roger Arteel, Theatermaggezien


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