The Stream 10+

Or a tiny little chance to become who I’ve always been

De Stroom 3 Thomas Dhanens lr kopie 4
  • Concept & director
    Sven Ronsijn
  • Creation, play & music
    Erik Bassier, Mareille Labohm, Geert Jonkers, Rupert Defossez
  • Installation
    Geert Jonkers
  • Puppets
    Evelyne Meersschaut
  • Objects and costumes
    Griet Herssens
  • Scenographer and technics
    Rupert Defossez

The stream is there.
It’s been there for a long time.
Long before us.
Long before the dinosaurs.
Even long before this earth.

The stream ripples, waves, rolls, rumbles.
The stream glides, thrives and races on.
The stream enfolds, conceals, scours and blesses.
The stream gives and takes.

The stream connects us all.
Whether we want to or not.
It doesn’t matter where we’re from
or where we’re going.
It doesn’t matter who we are
or claim to be.

We’re all in it together.
We’ve been in it together for a long time.
And we’ll be in it long after.

"The Stream is a fun crazy show with one puppet and objects. From a special angle, we search for the connection between people, which is often lost nowadays. A musical installation carries this show off on a whirling stream. Absurdly philosophical and delightfully daft!"


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