Come Here 6+

Come Here is Ultima Thule's new show that you can expect in the summer of 2022.

1 Kom Hier Ultima Thule Fort Bom 03092022 Bjorn Comhaire 78 van 88 kopie
  • Playing and creation
    Griet Herssens
  • Music
    Griet Pauwels
  • Coaching and Dramaturgy
    Sven Ronsijn
  • Poppen advies
    Evelyne Meersschaut
  • Scenography and technique
    Rupert Defossez
  • Technical assistant
    Geert Jonkers & Simone Scaini
  • Stage
    Tibau Beirnaert

Come here is played in a tent structure.
This performance can be performed both outside (festival, park, playground, etc.) and inside (stage on stage, a room, a shed). The tent can accommodate up to 50 people.

Marco and Kubo lost sight of each other.
During a very long time.
But out of sight
Don't always mean out of mind; they both
know it.

If only they could meet again.
As before, near this tree.
This tree with the red dot on it,
with written above:
"You are here."

Marco writes a letter.
But a letter does not always arrive.
That's for sure!

Sometimes it is windy.
Sometimes it rains.
And sometimes a letter gets lost
In the streets of your head.

Come here (6+) is an ode to imagination and fantasy. In three attempts to restore a precious friendship, we follow a character through objects, figures, light, shadow and sound through imaginary worlds, which nevertheless refer to the world in which we all live today.

The starting point of this new performance is Italo Calvino's post-modern travel story. In this story, Marco Polo tells his host, Emperor Kublai Khan, about his travels to the various cities of his immense empire. The emperor himself was never able to see these cities with his own eyes. So they only exist through the descriptions of Marco Polo. Do these cities really exist? What is reality and what is fiction? Everyone makes their own journey and interpretation through these 'invisible cities'.

"Griet Herssens once again unleashes her most beautiful, poetic, funny and tender images on you. Wordless, but meaningful!"
— Sven Ronsijn about Griet Herssens

In the past, Ultima Thule has already called on the artistic contribution of Griet Herssens (° 1985) for two projects.

For The Stream (2017) Griet was responsible, in collaboration with the scenographer Rupert Defossez, for the refinements in the scenography and the objects in the show, as well as the costumes.

In Knetter (2019), Griet took the lead in creating the objects. Among other things, she created a paper universe representing the psychiatric center where the main character lived and huge foam masks; thus showing that she is able to work in a very refined and detailed way than to make larger objects

Two important and recent works by Griet Herssens are Bruno and Trip tout Petit, the latter created in collaboration with Audrey Dero. Griet Herssens has already exhibited his work in France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Coproduction: Perpodium.

With the support of the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government.


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