Dance Me

A giant to participate in

Dans Me 2 Salto festival Menen 8 juli 2017
  • Idea, design and creation
    Rupert Defossez en Sven Ronsijn

Our giant needs enough space to be able to dance. Check the technical file for more info.

I am not yet.
Exist not yet.
I am some blocks in a heap.

Some ropes.
A tight frame.
That’s not a life!

Help me!
First my head.
Then an arm.
My body, the other arm.
Meanwhile, also a leg.
And another one.
I’m standing.
I ex-ist.

Now I want to dance.
With you.
To celebrate that I am.

"In Dance Me, the audience makes the giant move and dance together, incited by an exciting soundtrack."

Planned installations

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