BAM! 4+

Or how I couldn’t make head nor tail of your pinballmachine mind, but slowly heartmellowly fell for it.

DSC9441 site Thomas Dhanens
  • Actors
    Sven Ronsijn en Katrien Pierlet
  • Coach
    Lize Pede
  • Objects and costumes
    Evelyne Meersschaut
  • Scenographer and technics
    Rupert Defossez
  • Composer
    Pablo Casella Dos Santos
  • Assistant scenographer
    Jan Detavernier
  • Assistant technics
    Arthur De Baere

BAM! is a crazy visual show about reshaping the world together.
With imagination, desire and hope.
And with a lot of courage in adversity.

A bang.
A big disaster.
The world to pieces.

Is anything left?
Yes, there! One last bit of land.
And there! A man.
And there! A woman.

Are they the two only ones?
Apparently so.

Then they have to start again.
Recreate the world.
Shape things. Imagine.
They way they think...
that it would be right.

But they are so different.
Let’s hope it ends well!
Because, if not, we’re back at…


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